Holiday with the friend

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Writer : Sheila Lavelle
Illustration : Margaret Chamberlain
First published by Hamish Hamilton : 1986
Published in Puffin Books : 1997


The story

Charlie, a little girl, doesn’t like her hair color : she’s got red hair*.
So Angela, her friend, decides to dye Charlie’s hair in blond. But it doesn’t work like they expected* and Charlie’s hair turns green*. 
It’s always like this with Angela – she loves to get into trouble* !
This year, she will go on holiday with Charlie, so she will have to be more quiet*. Yet, will she really be able to do so ?

Vocabulary :
Red hair : cheveux roux.
It doesn’t work like they expected : ça n’a pas marché comme prévu.
Charlie’s hair turns green : les cheveux de Charlie sont devenus verts.
Get into trouble : semer le trouble.
More quiet : plus sage. 

My opinion

I think* it is a good book. I can’t really say that I loved this story, but it is, for sure, a funny novel*.
It’s fine for those who wants to improve* their English and don’t have a very good level.
My favourite passage is when Angela wants to scare* Charlie but, actually, Charlie dresses up* as a ghost too, and they frighten* each other* !

Vocabulary :
I think : je pense.
Novel : roman.
Improve : améliorer.
Scare : faire peur.
Dress up : se déguiser.
Frighten : faire peur.
Each other : mutuellement.

The writer

Sheila Lavelle was born in Gateshead, Country Durhom, in 1939.
When she was a little girl, she already loved reading books.
She began to write some stories and poetries at ten.
She had two sons* with her husband* in 1958.
When her children started school, she went back to writing and sold her novels to a magazine. She was also a teacher for some time, but then, she gave up and decided to dedicate more time to writing.
In 1977, she published her first book entitled Ursula Bear.

Vocabulary :
Son : fils.
Husband : mari.



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